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Cure Program

Cure Program“The Cure Program” – Our main objective is the same goal as our clients:  avoid costly repossession and redemption at all costs.

We have developed a unique pre-repossession approach to resolving our client’s delinquencies while improving customer (or Member) retention, reducing repossession volume, and eliminating associated costs to both our client and your customer in a diplomatic fashion. By pairing our in-house associate with a field agent, we are able to swiftly locate, contact, and educate the Member of the status of the delinquency as well as the negative implications of repossession.

Simultaneously, we improve the overall health of our client’s portfolio and impart our corporate culture to allow Member relationships to be restored. Our clients report this to not only be a short term solution for delinquencies at hand, but also a long term treatments for customers that are historically past due on a consistent basis.