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Our menu of services is designed to handle your asset-based receivable from the earliest stages of delinquency and offer a comprehensive collection effort which may include collection, repossession and remarketing efforts.

Cure Program

The goal of this pre-repossession program is to promptly secure funds to bring the loan current while educating the member on the importance of future timely payments.

We are able to break the cycle of delinquency and return the member back to our client in good standing at no expense to our clients.

Our clients report this to not only be a short term solution for delinquencies at hand, but also a long term treatment for members that are historically past due on a consistent basis.


In the event that a Member is ultimately unwilling or unable to pay current, our field agent is able to leverage the gathered intelligence to rapidly secure our client’s collateral.

Our field agent will be dispatched to immediately locate and secure your collateral. Our in-house associate will coordinate with the agent throughout the repossession process, and will assist with skip tracing efforts when necessary.

We are able to secure and transport all varieties of collateral nationwide.


We will make all arrangements to transport the collateral to our agent’s remarketing center.

Upon completing a photo-inclusive condition report, we are able to leverage our national exposure to obtain the highest value possible for our client.  Our remarketing fee of 10% of the sale is completely contingent and we offer free storage during our remarketing efforts.